Case Direct Mailing TeleCard HP

About Branding has drawn up a unique direct mail for HP. Using the layout file, a design was made for HP on the TeleCard. The TeleCard is a card in an envelope, but as soon as the card is slid out of the envelope, additional cards are added. This gives the TeleCard its unique shape. The four different slide-out surfaces of the Telecard offer this mailing a lot of communication space. Because the TeleCard can be printed in full color on both sides, there are 6 sides that can be printed with information. The TeleCard for HP is about “Valuable connections”: valuable connections or partners. HP's partners receive a number of benefits from using HP, as do customer benefits. Do you also want to strengthen relationships and improve contact? original direct mail for betting? Then LocoMail is the right place for you!

Playful direct mail: the TeleCard

The TeleCard, also called Telescope card or sliding card, consists of a ladder of not one, not two, but 4 pages. They can all be printed on both sides, and this way you can put a lot of extra information on the TeleCard self-mailer. This direct mail can be used for many different companies, for example you can use the sliding card as an invitation to a seminar, fair or other event. If you have a store and there is a certain promotion for VIP customers, you can use the sliding card with a discount code. In this way you surprise customers, business relations and/or customers with this playful direct mail. The sliding effect in this card makes the mailing unique and allows for graphical play in the design. Take HP's sliding card; the blue line continues in all surfaces and creates a beautiful whole.

The TeleCard your self-mailer?

Is the TeleCard self-mailer the product you also want to send? Then request a quote without obligation. Do you have questions about certain delivery times, or do you have a rush order? Then please contact one of our employees. They are ready to answer all your questions promptly. Would you rather look for another direct mail product? Then read the other cases direct mail examples to get inspired about the various fun direct mail products from LocoMail.