Direct mail company Locomix has a lot of new videos on her last month Youtube Channel placed. “Because we have separate products, we want to visually explain to people what the products look like,” says owner Martijn Feenstra.

Direct Mail is sending targeted, eye-catching mail to (potential) customers, relations or employees. Because the message is originally packaged, it attracts the attention of the recipient better than an unaddressed advertising brochure.

Unknown system 

An example of one eye-catching direct mail, which needs some extra attention, is the Turningcard. This card looks like a normal card, but it folds four times, leaving plenty of room for photos, text and additional information. Because it is a relatively unknown patented folding system, not everyone knows the principle. “A video, where people see how the card works, is ideal for us. With only text, not everyone understands how to fold the card. With a video, everyone understands it within 1 minute.”

Better found on Google

Another advantage of the youtube videos is that the locomix homepage is easier to find on Google. Google has bought YouTube and puts companies with their own YouTube channel higher in the search results. Thus, the SEO is effectively optimized by the videos. “But of course we make them so that our customers get an idea of our products. The fact that we are found better on Google is a nice bonus.”

Mail vs Mail

Locomix makes effective and eye-catching direct mail, which sounds like it's about the internet, but it's personalized mail. For a long time, marketers thought that e-mail was the magic word and that regular mail was no longer interesting. But now the mailboxes are overflowing with spam, newsletters and offers. “People are getting less and less mail on their doorstep. So when they get mail, it gets extra attention. Sending your message with the postman as direct mail is extremely effective, because everyone opens their mail. While an e-mail often ends up unread in the trash or spam folder.”