Compose direct mail 

Drafting a direct mail is best done from the perspective of the recipient. Why? Because you want to show that you understand the recipient and that you know what this recipient needs. You offer the solution that your (potential) customer is looking for. That's exactly what direct mail is all about. You can create a direct mail with a single purpose, such as selling a specific product, an entire collection of products, or an offer. In addition, you can of course also go for direct mail in a much more extensive form, for example to let someone get to know everything you can offer. From small brochure to pop-up pen holder: everything is possible. 

Which form of direct mail do you choose? 

Before you can compile your direct mail, it is of course important to find out what you prefer. It is important to consider which form of direct mail best suits your specific target group. Bee LocoMail you will find many options, including: 

Easily compose your direct mail 

With us you can easily prepare all your direct mail online the way you want it. You can view all available products online, which we can print for you according to your wishes. First of all, it is of course possible to compose your direct mail without addressing. In addition, if desired, we can also provide the products with an address for a small additional charge. In this way we ensure that you always receive your direct mail the way you like it. It is important that your direct mail really stands out with the recipient. We are happy to take care of that. You are always assured that your direct mail is of high quality and unique in nature. Many of our products are available in multiple sizes. 

Draft and print your direct mail 

Once you have selected a product from us, you can compose the direct mail yourself as you wish. You determine the design, but we are of course happy to think along if you wish. LocoMail is always there for you with a very complete service. You can immediately compose your direct mail and have it printed by us. It goes without saying that we would be happy to prepare a non-binding offer for you, so that you know exactly where you stand. Would you like more information or advice about compiling a direct mail? Take it easy Contact with us. 



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