Direct mail is the targeted sending of personalized mail to customers, relations or employees. This can be a perfect addition to your CRM strategy or Direct Marketing.


In Customer relationship management in other words CRM (also 'customer relationship management', sometimes 'relationship marketing' or 'sales management system') the customer is central. CRM is all about strengthening relationships, getting to know and retaining your customers and building a good relationship with them.

By a original invitation as a company you show that you care about your customer. You do not send an unaddressed advertising brochure or a cheap flyer, but a card or other form of mailing specially designed for the occasion.

Original invitations are, for example, a message in a bottle, a turning card or a card sent in an aluminum can. Because the invitation is a gift in itself, the recipient will hold the attention of the message for longer. The invitation to, for example, a visit to an exhibition stand, an anniversary or a company drink is taken more seriously.

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Direct Mailing

Direct mailing can also be used for Direct Marketing. You should think of a special promotion, where potential customers are called upon to participate in a certain event or promotion. Consider, for example, a contest, a savings campaign or an offer. Again, the original direct mailing ensures that attention is held from the start. Curiosity is aroused in the recipient by packaging the message in an original way.

Benefits Direct Mailing

Direct Mail is much more personal than mass media such as TV, radio and the Internet. Mail has a high attention value, because on average only two targeted mail reaches the mat per week.
Direct mailing is original and you can complete it yourself. Company name, logo and design can be determined by yourself. In addition, print is cheap, fast and targeted.

Direct mailing is quite invisible to the competitor. You send the mail directly to an address file, it does not appear in the mass media. As a result, your competitor does not know which strategy works well for your company and can therefore not copy it.

Example of a direct mailing product, the WingsCard: