Direct mail company

Direct mail is indispensable for offline brand awareness. Although the world is developing rapidly online, the offline world should not be forgotten. Actually, there are more local opportunities in the offline world than online. A direct mail company that can create brand awareness offline is therefore indispensable. We do recommend that you put together an offline communication plan in advance, so that you can work towards something. We would like to tell you more about us as a direct mail company.

Why is a direct mail company indispensable?

Perhaps your target group is not active on social media, for example? Perhaps you want to stunt locally with prize promotions? Perhaps you want to increase your brand awareness among a specific target group? These are 3 practical questions that you can answer for yourself when you want to apply direct mailing. From practice we can say that working towards a predetermined goal is better instead of letting go of the reins and seeing where the ship strands.

Fortunately, we are not your modern day direct mail company where you can only choose from standard cards. Our unique and extensive range ensures that you will certainly stand out. Choose from our unique pop up cubes, sliding cards or movecard to name 3 examples. Because did you know that a customer has more feeling for your company if they have had a positive experience and that can be done very simply with direct mailing.

A direct mail company with custom concept development

We create custom direct mailing, but we also develop new custom concepts. So that your idea can become reality. Due to our own production we can keep the lines short and we are very flexible. As a result, not only our products are of high quality, but also our services. We are therefore happy to think along with you to make your idea a reality. Every situation and message is different and that requires flexibility. Something we hold in high esteem.


We have already highlighted why we are the direct mail company you are looking for. But did you know that we have been able to carry out many cases of many beautiful small and large companies, such as KLM. Have a look at our cases page. Our sample page also shows that quality is of paramount importance to us. On that page you can request a free sample box, so that you can feel what our products entail. Do you have any subsequent questions or would you like to speak to one of our experts? Do not hesitate to contact our specialists for a tailor-made service without obligation!


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