Mailbox box + IKT

Impress your target group with a special mailing consisting of both a letterbox box+ and mini spring cubes. This form of direct mailing has a great effect because the recipient really experiences something when opening the box. IKT has used this product to announce all events in 2022. Be inspired by the IKT case in this blog.

IKT's announcement

I T is a network from Twente that consists of committed and enterprising people. Through this letterbox box+ an announcement will be made for the meetings and events that will take place in 2022. The direct mailing has been sent to all IKT members.

An extra part can be slid out of the letterbox box+. This section contains a pocket with two flaps. When the receiver opens these flaps, three mini jumping cubes with a ticket will pop out. It is not for nothing that mini spring cubes have been chosen to be included in this mailing. The message of the mailing is namely ''Events that stand out, also in 2022''. Because the product fits well with the message, it is reinforced even more. On two of the three cubes, an announcement is already being made for a private concert for all members. The third cube contains a QR Code, which allows members to view the entire agenda. The other card contains a written piece from Rianne Doeschot, the director of IKT.

Mailbox box + IKT

The possibilities of the Letterbox box + with mini spring cube

The letterbox box+ is available in different variants, so that there is always one variant that best suits your message. For example, in addition to the IKT box, there is also a variant available that, instead of a sliding part, has a valve contains. This mailing can be used when you want to give the target group a small gift, because there is enough space for that in this mailing. Completely unpack with the letterbox box +? Then go for the version with sound. A sound chip is incorporated in the lid of the box. What the sound is is entirely up to you. For example, you can supply a sound fragment in the form of a speech or a song.

Mailbox box + IKT

Use a letterbox box+ yourself to give your target group a real experience? Ask one quotation and we will send it to you as soon as possible. It is also possible to have one sample box of this mailing, so that you can view it in real life. We are available for questions or comments at or 030 – 26 18 086.