A unique cycling adventure with Deceuninck and LocoMail.

In the world of frame and door solutions, Deceuninck has established itself as a reliable global partner. For Deceuninck, a progressive company, this marked a new era with their sponsorship project with the famous cycling team Alpecin:
Deceuninck - Alpecin.

To spread this remarkable news and share enthusiasm with their extensive network of contacts, Deceuninck enlisted LocoMail's expertise. The challenge was to develop a mailing that would not only attract attention, but also leave a lasting impression.

After careful deliberation, it was jointly decided to go for a unique combination of two eye-catching cards: the sound card and The Sliding Card.

The sound card:

Adding sound to the card brought the message to life. Deceuninck chose to have the sound voiced by Alpecin star Matthieu van der Poel. His enthusiasm, infused with passion for the sport, gave recipients a taste of the excitement surrounding the collaboration.

The Slide Map:

The sliding element added a unique effect to the direct mailing. The card first showed an image of an ordinary cycling team. However, by pulling the right-hand panel, the card revealed the same cycling team, but now proudly sponsored by Alpecin - Deceuninck. It was a visual experience that perfectly depicted the transformation of the cycling team.

The combination of sound and visual revelation created a direct mailing that recipients would not soon forget. It was not just an announcement; it was an experience that was tangible, audible and visually stimulating.

This unique mailing was sent to numerous Deceuninck relations. The response was extraordinary and arguably higher than traditional communication methods. Deceuninck - Alpecin was not only born on the roads of the cycling world, but also in the memories of those who received this unique mailing.

For LocoMail, this assignment was not only a collaboration with a well-established company, but also an example of how cleverly combining different types of direct mailings can create an even more unique experience and therefore be even more effective. It was a celebration of creativity and the power of thoughtful business mailings.