Case Direct Mailing twin Slider Sliding card Wings card Effective

Effective has chosen to order the WingsCard from us. The WingsCard is used in this case as an informative direct mailing to tell information about brand and sales activation. Effective is a company that deals with fairs, promotion and sales of products and events. The information on their direct mailing is in this case a lot about trade shows and trade show promotion and how a product can be marketed. With this informative direct mailing, Effective wants to inform as many business partners as possible and thereby promote their company and services. Because Effective has opted for a striking and creative variant of the sliding card, the WingsCard, the information will stick with the company's relations for longer. This is not only because of the striking appearance, but also because of the playful surprise effect that this sliding card has.

Wings Card direct mailing; no standard slide card

The Wings Card is not a standard sliding map as we are used to. This playful sliding card creates a surprise effect for Effective's business partners, making the direct mailing special and unique. As soon as the card is removed from the envelope, the two 'wings' of the card will appear as they slide out at the sides. This happens automatically, due to a production technique, the wings of the sliding card come out on their own. The receiver therefore does not have to extend both wings itself. The wings also provide more communication space. Because this allows you to put extra information on the card and this Effectively provides extra information about fairs and the promotion for them. The WingsCard is sent in an envelope. This envelope can be ordered blank from us, but a design can also be supplied for the envelope. Thanks to a full-colour printed envelope, the business relation can immediately see who sent the direct mailing. And a full color print can be the trigger to open the envelope.

We have a layout document for the WingsCard that you can request. If you still have doubts about something and perhaps want a different direct mailing, please take a look at all direct mail examples for more inspiration and opportunities to see if another direct mailing product suits you better. If you have any questions about the possibilities of a specific direct mailing product or about the sliding card, please contact one of our employees. They can answer your questions and advise you on the layout of a specific product.