Case Direct Mailing Special

A direct mail in the form of a steering wheel has been developed especially for FCA Capital. An original idea that LocoMail has developed into a beautiful product. This handlebar was created by the unique request of FCA Capital, which was not previously in our range direct mailings. FCA Capital is a financial services provider for cars and car dealers and were looking for a unique direct mail that immediately stands out to send to their partners.


Custom-made direct mail

Customized direct mail

The direct mail was used to invite car dealers to an event where different cars can be driven, presentations are given and the entire experience of the cars can be experienced. A direct mail in the form of a steering wheel is therefore perfect for this unique request from FCA Capital. The front of this custom made product is an Alfa Romeo steering wheel that has been worked out down to the smallest details so that it looks just like a real steering wheel! There is enough space on the back of the customized direct mail to place your text, invitation or message.

lasting message

Do you also want a unique use direct mail? And do you already have a direct mail concept in mind? We are happy to convert your original idea into an actual product that you can send as direct mail. An original direct mail like this stands out so that your message sticks with the recipient longer. Also view our other DM examples for inspiration for your perfect and unique direct mail product. You can gain insight into how other companies have used existing and new DM products and profiled themselves with them. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to request a free sample or a non-binding offer for an eye-catching mailing.