Case Direct Mailing Kroontje

The personalized Crowns are perfect to use as direct mail. Where these Crowns were often used as give-away promotional material during events and parties, you can now also use them for other purposes. This playful direct mail can be completed according to your own wishes.

Striking direct mail

The Crowns are packed individually with sturdy cardboard, so that the Crowns are better protected during sending by post. The transparent foil gives the Kroontjes an exclusive look that stands out from the rest of the post. The recipient's attention will be immediately drawn to this direct mail. You can also have us take care of the addressing and sending. The Crowns are not sent as standard, this is an extra option. You can use the affordable postage that LocoMail offers.


Adjust to taste

Personalized Crowns offer many possibilities. They can be used for any type of company and can be adapted to taste. Specialtours has made use of these Kroontjes by using them as a game. Specialtours is the event agency for all kinds of outings in the Netherlands, such as tours, company outings, bachelor parties, workshops, guided tours, theme parties, events and team building. The Kroontjes have been used by Specialtours for the game 'Wie Ben Ik?'. To achieve this, a special slot has been made in the Kroontjes in which a card can be put. These cards are in the breakout sheet of the crown and are printed with the design. There is an explanation on the front and you can write who you are on the back. This card is put in the slot of the crown, the crown is put on and the game can begin.

More possibilities with standard products

This was a totally new purpose for this one promotional material Kroontjes were deployed. The standard products that LocoMail has, offer several options. So it is possible to adapt a standard product to your liking! Even if you have an idea that has not been executed before. Nothing is too crazy for us. Please contact LocoMail to discuss the possibilities.

Do you also want a personalized make a crown? Request a quote without obligation or contact one of our employees to help you personally.