Locomix has been working overtime for the past month to make orange Crowns for Coronation Day. On www.kroontjemaken.nl companies, schools and individuals could order printed crowns.

Girls from Locomix with a crown

The customer can decide for himself what is printed on the crown, usually a slogan and logo. The crown is adjustable, so this cardboard crown fits everyone.

Print crown

Many companies chose to have a crown printed, to do something extra for their loyal customers. Having the crown printed is cheap and can simply be sent by post. The recipient is happy with a free gift for Coronation Day. In addition, the logo can be printed on the crown, so it is also a promotion for the company.

Children's crown

Many nurseries and schools also chose to make a crown. The crowns resemble a typical homemade birthday crown. But as soon as large numbers come into view, the teacher can of course not do everything herself. That is why many schools had the crowns made at Locomix. In this way, the children had a crown during the King's Games and also on Queen's Day. That of course gives a nice picture, all those children with crowns.

What happens after the Queen's Day with www.kroontjemaken.nl is not known. Perhaps the site will be silent for a while, until King's Day next year and the World Cup.