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Creative printing always involves creative solutions. But last week we at LocoMail have been working on a very eye-catching direct mail; the Puzzle for UniGlobe Travel. This was an order of 150 Puzzles. This in itself is not a problem with a special request: whether all pieces with the same print could be sorted. This was a feasible request and creative solutions were therefore sought to be able to send the ready-made direct mail to the customer.

Each Puzzle used as direct mail consists of 40 pieces. All pieces that had the same print had to be put together in a bag. The creative DM in the form of a puzzle is printed in its entirety. For this order, this meant that the puzzle pieces had to be broken and sorted from the total puzzle. Our finishing staff had neatly placed 40 crates next to each other to accommodate a certain piece of the puzzle in each crate, without the possibility of confusion and the pieces of the creative DM still getting mixed up. Each employee took a puzzle in hand and walked around the crates. A different piece of the puzzle was placed in each crate. Finally, when all puzzles were taken apart one by one, each crate contained the same puzzle pieces. Then it was simply a matter of packing the puzzle pieces per crate in a bag.

Creative solution to UniGlobe's puzzle direct mail.

A striking direct mail for your company

At LocoMail we have never had such an order before, but nothing is too crazy for us. We also accept these types of orders and deliver them to the customer neatly ready-made. This may not be on our website, but if you have a special idea for a striking direct mail for your company, you can always inquire about the possibilities for your order. Together we will look for creative solutions for your direct mail or other creative printing. You can also contact one of our employees without obligation, they can help you with a quote.

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