Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Cube Aviko

Creative direct mail Aviko

Creative Out of the Box for Aviko. Aviko is one of the largest potato processing producers in the world. In the Netherlands they are known, among other things, for their good golden-yellow fries that they make from the Agria potato. The problem is that this special type of potato is not available all year round. Although the new harvest is almost upon us, a summer without Aviko fries is of course not an option. Aviko came up with a solution and therefore sent this creative box to bring their solution to the attention of sellers and consumers!

Aviko's creative Direct Mail

Aviko's creative Out of the Box was sent in a full-colour printed envelope. On the front of this is a potato field with the text 'Aviko new harvest 2016.' On the back of the envelope, the recipient is encouraged to open the envelope with the text 'Aviko's secret' with an arrow pointing to the seal. The text that can also be found on the back of the envelope, 'open carefully', already suggests that this is a special direct mail!

The envelope does not contain an ordinary letter or card. The direct mail, in the form of a cube, literally jumps out of the envelope! The cube is completely designed in Aviko theme and house style, as can be clearly seen in the image below.


Creative direct mail Aviko pop-up mailing

The pop up mail consists of 4 surfaces that can be printed as desired. Aviko reveals on the top panel that the Agria potato is the secret behind the golden yellow fries and shows from side one what the solution is for the temporary lack of this potato variety. Thanks to two potato varieties that are very similar to the Agria potato, Aviko can still offer its sellers and consumers the fries they are used to from Aviko!

When the recipient picks up the envelope again, it is noticeable that the large area on the inside is also printed. It contains a direct message for the sellers of Aviko fries, which ends with 'Put the cube on your counter to inform your customers.' In addition to being a creative mailing, the box is also creative promotional material!

Your own creative Out of the Box?

Are you curious about the possibilities for your own creative direct mail? There are several variants in the LocoMail range. For example, there is the cube mailing that Aviko has used, but LocoMail also offers a pen tray variant and a pop-up mailing in the shape of a house. For the complete offer direct mailings we would like to refer you to the overview of our products. If you want more information about one of our products, you can of course always contact one of our employees!