As a company, you can easily print promotional material for a trade fair, event or event at LocoMail. Printing promotional material can consist of printing free give aways or creating original mailings.

Printing promotional material

Various give aways (promotional material that you give away for free) can be printed with a logo, text and slogan. For example, think of printed sweets or printed recyclable aluminum boxes. Printing give aways is simple, fast and cheap. And the ideal way to promote your company.

Send promotional materials

Direct mailing is different from advertising. Advertising reaches people unsolicited and unaddressed, while direct mailing should be seen more as a gift for the customer. This is also about customer loyalty, so a positive impression is essential for success.

Send bottle mail

Original invitations are an opportunity to promote your business. For example, send message in a bottle as an invitation, when you organize a company drink on a boat. The message in a bottle is a plastic bottle that fits through the letterbox. As with real bottle mail, the bottle contains a rolled-up message for the recipient. For example, an invitation for an anniversary, company party or course.

The delivery time of LocoMail is very fast. Many products nowadays no longer have to go to a printing company, but can be printed. This saves a lot of time and costs.