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We were commissioned by to produce an end-of-year mailing in the form of a folding card. She chose to go through original direct mail to use the LocoMail Turning Card as a New Year's card.

Turning Card Folding card new year mailing Macaza.png

Macaza is part of CBRE, the former ING Real Estate. Macaza owns 11,000 rental houses. Among other things, it aims to guarantee a high degree of living comfort and care for the environment. Macaza does this, for example, by ensuring good architecture and materials, but also by giving their tenants sustainable living tips. Many tenants are not aware that Macaza owns their home and that they can turn to her for good housing tips. That is why Macaza needed a New Year's card with a high attention value that could at the same time express the accessibility of the company. The Turning Card is one folding card which stands out due to its ingenious folding technique and also exudes exactly that atmosphere of accessibility due to its fold-out parts.

The folding card unfolded in three steps

The design for Macaza played even more on that feeling of accessibility. Below we describe all parts of the comprehensive design in four steps:

Step 1: On the front, next to a New Year's wish and introduction of the company, a house is depicted.

Step 2: When the folding map is unfolded, the residents and the cozy interior in the inside of the house can be seen. Here the company draws its customers' attention to their website, where all kinds of good home tips can be found with regard to energy, saving tips and discounts.

Step 3: When the folding card is unfolded again, a room in the house is depicted. There, one of the residents gives his opinion on Macaza on his laptop by registering for Macaza's Sustainability Panel.

Step 4: After the last fold, the folding card shows a refreshing image with facts about water consumption in Dutch families.

The Turning Card folding card as direct mail for your company?

The above case is just one good example of how the Turning Card can be used as original direct mail. Just think what you can convey to your own target group with this special turntable. Surprising effects, accessibility and originality are a few keywords. LocoMail also has its own graphic designers who can provide you with advice on the design of your desired message. The Turning Card folding card is available in various sizes and can be supplied with an insert card and an envelope. This envelope can also be printed. The Turning Card is also called Folding card named.Go to Turning Card direct mail page