Direct Mailing End of Year Mailing Christmas Change Card

For the holidays, LocoMail has new, original, corporate Christmas cards designed for you. You can choose from three different types of cards that are guaranteed to stand out among your business relations. In addition to the fact that you can supply a design for one of these three card types yourself, we already have a number of graphic designs ready for you. These graphic designs have a vibrant, worldly and festive look and are printed with the calendar days of 2015. As a result, these business Christmas cards remain applicable all year round and your business relations have all the more reason to leave your Christmas card on their desks. These movable cards are also designed in such a way that they invite further study of the text and images, which benefits the name and image of your company. Order your end-of-year mailing now and benefit from a 10% discount on your eye-catching mailing!


The Out of the Box surprises your business relations by literally jumping out of the envelope when it is opened. This is LocoMail's bestseller. With the six surfaces of this inviting cube, there is enough space for the calendar days and your personal Christmas and New Year's wishes.


The 5-Card is a self-mailer, with the address details on the product. The 5-Card has no fewer than ten areas that can be printed on, five on the front and five on the back. This card must be unfolded, so that a new message is always unfolded.


Also the ChangeCard is a self-mailer. When the card is unfolded, a window appears containing your message in the form of a text and/or image. When the tab on the card is pulled, a slatted effect is created, revealing the other part of your message. On the left side there is room for a more extensive text and the address details are printed on the back of this card.

Are you interested in one of the corporate Christmas cards Plus with 10 % discount on your end-of-year mailing? Then ask one quotation to calculate your price. We try to send it to you by e-mail within 24 hours on working days. If you decide to order, we can deliver 250 within two days.