The ss Rotterdam launches the children's check-in, in which children are put in the spotlight and receive 'special treatment'.

Children are King, Emperor, Captain

Theme park Het Land van Ever treated children like a King, on ss Rotterdam children are treated like the captain. A special children's route has been mapped out, where the young guests can learn everything about ss Rotterdam in a playful way.

The young guests also receive their own welcome letter and message in a Bottle to send to grandpa and grandma, for example. “Children and parents respond very enthusiastically and make full use of the bottles!”, says Jasper de Vries, Marketing Executive of ss Rotterdam.

Own Check-in

All children between the ages of 3 and 12 will have their own check-in. They enter the 'kids check-in' staircase and are checked in as full guests. The children receive their own welcome letter and a message in a bottle to send by post.

Niek was one of the first to be checked in according to this unique child-friendly procedure. Upon entering the room: “Huh, how do they even know my name?!”… “It's a true success!”

Children's figures

Special characters have been created especially for the children. Together with his friends, Captain Kaap is the figurehead of the ss Rotterdam for children. In various places you will meet him together with Binkie, DolleFien, TrotseAlbert and Sloepie. For example, Kapitein Kaap has its own children's corner, where you can play and films can be shown at any time of the day.

This way, an overnight stay is not only a fun outing for parents, but also for the children. And everyone knows: If the children are happy, the whole family will have a good time!