Case Direct Mailing ChangeCard Lamellenkaart Sparta

Sparta wants to give its dealers a glimpse into the world of tomorrow through an innovative and interactive event. Consumer needs are changing rapidly and Sparta would like to prepare its dealers for this. A fitting one direct mail an invitation should of course not be missing here and the exchange card is perfect for conveying a short but powerful message!

An exchange card that arouses curiosity

The invitations for Sparta's 'enjoy the energy live' event were sent in the form of an exchange card, also known as ChangeCard named. The interchangeable image card sent by Sparta has slats that give a luxurious look and that slide open slowly by pulling the tab. An additional advantage of the creative direct mail in the form of a changeable image card is that it is a self-mailer and therefore no envelope needs to be used.

The replacement image card for Sparta is matt laminated. The matte black card with green accents on the front and back and white text creates an abstract and mysterious appearance. This ensures that this original direct mailing immediately attracts and holds the attention of the recipient! Because when you slide the slats apart, a clear and strong call to action appears. The slats are also printed with green accents and white text, urging the recipient to sign up for the upcoming event.

Curious about the possibilities for your invitation?

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