RiskQuest contributed to risk management last year. The year 2015 is coming to an end, and RiskQuest is already looking ahead to the year 2016. They have chosen to send the ChangeCard as a striking end-of-year mailing to their customers. The slatted part goes from a champagne bottle where the cork shoots off to full glasses of champagne. The text changes from “Cheers” to “To a healthy 2016”. With a wintry look, this one is eye-catching year-end mailing sent to business relations.

Striking end-of-year mailing to start the new year

The ChangeCard is a great direct mailing product to send a striking end-of-year mailing. But there are many more direct mailing products that can serve well as end-of-year mailing. For example, you can have a calendar printed on one of our products. The recipient of the direct mailing will find the calendar useful and leave it on the desk. In this way, your company name remains visible and therefore better in the memory of your business relations. A usable product such as a pen holder or pen tray is even more ideal, if it also includes a calendar, the mailing is functional and recipients are less likely to throw it away.

Want to use ChangeCard for your original direct mail?

Are you also looking for an end-of-year mailing or are you looking for a product to bring your company to the attention? Then the ChangeCard might also be the direct mailing product for your company. With a beautiful design in your own house style, this is a unique and original direct mail. If you are curious about the other direct mailing products, view the overview of the original direct mail. Once you have found the direct mailing product you want to send, request a quote without obligation. If you have any questions, please contact one of our employees. They will gladly help you.