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Cards with own sound

Cards with own sound, a personal greeting card, music cards, sound card, music cards, music card with sound, all names for cards with their own sound. A greeting card with music and perhaps a personal message. Cards with sound can be used for various purposes. Think of a Christmas card, invitation, announcement or, for example, a presentation. A sound card is always completely custom-made and can be provided with any sound you wish. In short: with cards with their own sound you can go in all directions.

Why use cards with their own sound?

Cards with their own sound are one of a kind. By using sound cards as Direct Mail you will give the recipients of these cards a unique experience. A sound card is not a standard card. These cards have the function of attracting the attention of the recipient and that works perfectly when you add your own sound.

Cards with their own sound not only convey a message, they also ensure that the message is etched in the memory of the recipient. LocoMail is the specialist in the field of cards with its own sound and together with you we ensure that the recipient of your Direct Mail will be completely surprised. We are convinced: cards with sound not only convey a message, the message also sticks and the recipient will not forget your sound card! That is why we would like to tell you more about the various cards with sound from our range.


Case Direct Mailing Music Card Sound Storytel
Case Direct Mailing Music Card Qlimax Qdance
Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Music Card Cono

Pop-up music card with sound

A very unique card in the category of cards with its own sound, the music card Pop-up with sound. Our Pop-up music card with sound differs from all other types of pop-up cards and music cards. The combination of the Pop-up and your own sound creates an extra effect. The recipient of this card will have a lasting memory of this card because it is so unique. A beautiful mailing in which the Pop-up effect, the image and the sound present a complete picture. A real surprise to receive. Completely compile and personalize yourself. Surprise the recipient with 60 seconds of sound with this sound card!

When the card is opened, the card will pop up and the sound will start. The sound stops immediately when the card is closed. Choose from an existing sound or your own recorded message. Are you going for a combination of sound and speech or do you choose between the two? Everything is possible. A white envelope is supplied as standard with this card, but you can also choose to choose a full-colour printed envelope to make it stand out.

A5 music card with sound

The original sound card from the LocoMail range is the Music Card A5 with sound. A Direct Mail that you can personalize with your own recorded message that can be listened to. Totally different from standard mailings because you surprise the recipient with a sound message. The A5 cards with their own sound are music cards and have an A5 format and an A4 format when unfolded. In addition, you can design full color with your own design. This can be done on the inside or outside of the card. When the card is opened the message starts and when the card is closed it will stop. A lasting memory is created for the recipient. Make a party of your Direct Mail by surprising the recipients with an A5 music card.

A triptych music card

Another original sound card from LocoMail. A triptych music card is a card in folded letter shape. Of course, this card can also be designed entirely according to your wishes. This card is guaranteed to give the recipient an experience. When the card opens, the message you chose will be played. You can also send a lasting memory with this sound card. Did you know that this sound card can even be played more than 200 times? With the Triptych music card you ensure that your message gets across!

Music card 147×147 with your own sound and design

Design your own sound card and use it as Direct Mailing. All sides of this card can be completely designed by yourself. This square variant has a real greeting card effect. In addition, you can of course also add the message you want to send in sound. The recipient of this card will experience a total surprise when the card is opened. The message will be played immediately when the card is opened. This card is a guaranteed party because you add your own sound to the card!

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