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Card with music

A card with music? It is the method to send your brand, message or invitation to your relations. For companies, a minimum purchase of 20 pieces applies. The sound card is unique in our range, because we do not have any other product with sound besides this card. Most likely you know the birthday cards with music in them. But that's not how our music card works. With us you can give it a personal twist, your message is conveyed through the sound. So your pre-formulated message will play through the card's audio. What the message is is entirely up to you.

How does it work?

As soon as the recipient opens the card, the audio file is activated. When the card has reached an angle of 90 degrees or more, the sound is activated. So you know for sure that the recipient will hear your message at least once. From practice we have noticed that recipients open our great music cards much more often. As a result, your relationship qualifies several times with your company. As a result, your brand awareness grows again. In other words: you are back in the picture with your relationship. Something that is a continuous challenge for many companies.

Case Direct Mailing Music Card Sound Storytel
Case Direct Mailing Music Card Qlimax Qdance
Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Music Card Cono

How to bet?

For what purpose you use our music card is entirely up to you. You can deliver a sound with or without a recorded message. Then we make 1 sound fragment of it. This makes our music card suitable for various purposes, for example for a company party, symposium or a personal greeting. Nothing is too crazy for us! Depending on the quality of the sound, you can surprise the receiver with a 34 (6 kHz) or 17 (12 kHz) seconds of sound. We have 3 standards for the cover, namely:

  • A5
  • A6
  • Size on request


Do you want to reach your relationship in an original way? Or are you curious about what we can do for you? Then contact us without obligation! You can also request a free sample pack. Do you have a unique idea, but you don't know if it can be implemented in practice? Please also feel free to contact our experienced staff. They are happy to give you tailor-made advice!

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