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Card with sound

A card with sound is very nice to give, but even more so to receive! Our music card can be used for various purposes. To name a few examples: For an anniversary, company party, promotion or a milestone achieved. In addition, the possibility for a certain voice recording or music is also endless. Because the possibilities are great and the sound has a nice effect, the card with sound ensures that your communication will be remembered for a long time.

Card with sound in all kinds of forms

We make custom products and can therefore also realize your idea for a card with sound. Regardless of the shape. We also have 4 options that you can choose from or to give you inspiration. You can choose from the music card of A5 format, the music card 147×147 mm, the pop-up music card with sound or the triptych music card. As we indicated, we can realize any idea. Is your idea not listed? Then take Contact with us.

Case Direct Mailing Music Card Sound Storytel
Case Direct Mailing Music Card Qlimax Qdance
Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Music Card Cono

Card with sound is a reusable concept

We can personalize both sound and music. As a result, every communication from you can be unique or consistently the same. Keep in mind what goal you want to have and base your choice on that. Do you want to create the top-of-mind idea in, for example, your relations? Then provide landmarks. That can be the music, but also the house style of the card. Also make sure that the menu is updated, because that shows professionalism. This gives the recipient the feeling that he or she is being seen.


Do you want to use a card with sound for your communications, but you are not sure whether your idea can be realized? We have many years of expertise and are happy to spare you the realization of your communications. Many great companies preceded you. Or request a free 'sample box', so that you know what we can do for you!

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