Case Direct Mailing Video Card Canon

It is common knowledge that we absorb visual information faster than text. A video is therefore a strong means of conveying a message. At the beginning of this year, we incorporated this form of content into a video card for Canon. In this blog you can read about the possibilities of the video card as direct mail and how we designed it for Canon.

Canon opted for an A6 format video card and used a combination of text, graphics and video. There are several options regarding the format of the card. For example, in addition to A6 format, you can also choose A4 or A5 format. For the left part of the card, Canon opted for an image of a company contact and some text. The screen with the video was incorporated in the right side of the card with the contact details below. Various sizes are possible for the screen.

Case canon video card

Right next to the screen were three buttons: a stop/play button, a button to increase the volume and one to decrease the sound. In the video card, three buttons are programmed in hardware with the above three functions as standard. Optionally, you can also choose a button with which the video can be forwarded and a button to continue to the next video. So you can also choose more than one video.

This direct mail product lends itself perfectly as a corporate brochure. For example, you can process a powerful corporate film in the video card. The screen has a standard working memory that can be expanded if necessary. The video starts playing when the recipient opens the card. This is activated by the magnet in the card. The video continues to loop after that. A USB cable comes standard with the card. All in all, this is a powerful direct mail product that will stay with the recipient for a long time.

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