The Eindhovens Dagblad wanted to change its business cards completely and they succeeded with the help of the Utrecht print company LocoMail. The business cards literally spin and are therefore extra noticeable.

Rotate business card four times

The Turning Cards look like a normal business card and have the same size, but can be turned four times, so there are actually four sides. The system is somewhat similar to the folding fortune teller (also: salt and pepper shaker).

One of those self-folded paper things that you used to put on four fingers and could fold over and over again. The Turningcard can also be folded several times and thus shows two hidden pages on the folder.

Collage on business card

In this way there is enough space for the logo of the newspaper, the address details of the employee, a collage of the ED on tablet, smartphone, laptop and the paper version and on page 4 an image of the city glossy Frits, a publication of the daily newspaper.

Attention lingers

Because the recipient will fold the card several times, the attention lingers longer. The card is therefore not only a piece of paper with address details, but also a miniature advertisement from the newspaper.


The Turning Card can also be ordered as a postcard. So the unique folding technique can also be used for an original invitation for a company party or anniversary, for example.

Original business card

It original business card can be designed online and can be ordered from 20 pieces. But LocoMail has a team of designers who can design the card for you for free.

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