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The Noble Biocare Autumn Symposium will be, as they say, “a leap of faith”. This in combination with the location 'Drijvend Paviljoen' in Rotterdam, but sending a Message in a Bottle is the perfect invitation. On the invitation, the subject of the scientific program, drawn up by prof. dr. Henny Meijer and dr. Wouter Kalk, announced. For the 6e edition of the Nobel Biocare Autumn Symposium Highlights will be the theme: applied innovation. Furthermore, the entire day program is highlighted and it is described how to register for participation in the symposium.

Sending messages in a bottle: the possibilities

The Bottle Mail is an authentic way of conveying a message. Fortunately, a DM sent in this day and age doesn't have to hope for a recipient. With an address sticker on the back of the bottle, this sent Bottle Mail will simply arrive at the right recipient. And for that the bottle does not have to be packed in an envelope; the Bottle Mail is the unique shipping packaging!


An original old-fashioned way of communicating, in combination with a symposium that revolves around innovation, may sound contradictory. But the Bottle Mail in combination with the design on the sticker and invitation inside, and the location of the symposium, provide clarification. As described earlier, the organization of the Nobel Biocare symposium has sent quite a large communication message in the bottle. Contrary to many expectations, the Bottle Mail offers enough space for an extensive communication message. If there is not enough space on one double-sided card, there is always the option to add an extra card.

Sending your communication in a Bottle Mail?

Do you also have a theme event on the schedule, for which sending a Message in a Bottle fits very well? An event with a nautical touch, a location on the water, or a themed company party? Then don't hesitate to request a sample of this unique shipping packaging. Would you like to send a Message in a Bottle and are you curious whether this DM falls within the intended budget? Then you can submit a quote request without obligation. One of our employees will then contact you within 48 hours on working days. Do you need a response faster? Then you can always contact us by phone.