Case Direct Mailing Bottle Mail Invitation Polteq

Polteq is the largest independent specialist in software testing in the Netherlands and Belgium and market leader in the field of test training. In July, Polteq already exists 15 years and they would like to celebrate this milestone with their customers and business relations. With an original business invitation, Polteq invited relations to attend an unparalleled sailing party in honor of the company's 15th anniversary. And what original business invitation fits better with a sailing party than our Bottle Mail?!

Message in a bottle used as a business invitation

The Message in a Bottle as direct mail or as an original business invitation fits perfectly with a water theme. Why? That goes without saying, of course. The bottle is made of plastic but resembles a glass bottle. Because the Bottle Mail is a self-mailer, it does not have to be sent in an envelope and your original business invitation will stand out among the rest of the mail!

On the outside of the Message in a Bottle a self-designed sticker will be placed. You can process your own message on this. An address sticker is placed on the other side of the bottle. Inside the bottle is the real business invitation: parchment paper completely adapted to your message and your company. On the parchment paper inside the Bottle Mail you can provide more information about the event to which you are inviting your customers and relations. Bottle mail: a striking and original business invitation!

Do you also need an original business invitation?

Is there a milestone coming up that you want to celebrate? Or is there a trade fair planned and do you want to invite your customers and relations in a professional but original way? Then you have come to the right place. Our original direct mail products can also be used as original business invitations. Would you like to know which of our direct mail products can best be used as an original business invitation or do you have other questions? Do not hesitate to contact one of our employees. They think along with you to come up with the most original business invitation!

Original business invitation bottle mail