Nice surprise for the youngest members of Rabobank

Thoughtful Communication Advice came up with a super eye-catching mailing for Rabobank, which attracted a lot of attention and generated many enthusiastic reactions.

Rabobank has chosen to message in a Bottle to be sent to all members of the Rabo KidsClub. With the message in a bottle, they want to inform children about her new website, which is filled with games, recipes and fun benefits for the kids. 'Rabobank, the bank with ideas' proves again by opting for a playful message in a bottle.

Everyone knows the message in a bottle from the past, a floating bottle with a message in it. LocoMail's message in a bottle is unique and stands out among the mail, because it does not need an envelope.

LocoMail's message in a bottle can be used for new product launches, announcements, invitations and countless other purposes. In the message in a bottle is a note with the message. There will be a sticker on the bottle that matches your message. Conclusion? Message in a bottle arouses curiosity!

LocoMail offers a range of eye-catching mailings, including the Bottle Mail. All LocoMail mailing products are innovative and original in their kind. Characteristic of LocoMail is that all products can be made to the desired style.

For all possibilities and other original mailing products, check the LocoMail website or call: 030-2618086