Case Direct Mailing Birdhouse Zeeuwland

Zeeland has it Birdhouse mailing used to inform residents that the work on their home has been completed. The Vogelhuisje mailing is a unique way of direct mail, because it is laminated.

Birdhouse mailing from Zeeuwland

The envelope features the Zeeuwland logo with a text stating that the work on the homes has been completed. If you open the envelope on the right side you can take out the Birdhouse. You will see the Zeeuwland logo on the direct mail and you will see solar panels on the roof. Both the envelope and the Birdhouse have been printed in a woody colour. In addition to the house, there is also an insert card in the envelope. Zeeuwland provides tips on energy saving on this insert card.

Birdhouse mailing

The mailing with the Birdhouse ensures that you can transfer your information to the recipient in a unique way. The Birdhouse is laminated and both the envelope and the house can be printed in full colour. Because this form of direct mail is so striking, it ensures a high attention value.

Direct mail can be used for many different purposes. It is mainly used to quickly and personally reach a large group of recipients. Think of sharing information about a product or announcing a partnership with another company.

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