Case Direct Mailing Birdhouse

De STER has used the Vogelhuisje as an original sales tool to sell companies airtime on the NPO radio. Radio offers companies the opportunity to bring a product and/or service to the attention of, among others, handymen, do-it-yourselfers, homeowners and people with renovation plans. The design was made by Smaak designers, and was completely in line with the intended target group; namely two handymen.

The Birdhouse is a striking mailing and a real eye-catcher when it is completely folded. Please note: the Birdhouse is supplied as a kit. You must fold the bottom and the roof together. The Birdhouse comes with a standard insert card and accompanying envelope in which this direct mail is packaged.

Curious about the Birdhouse?

It Birdhouse cardboard is a creative direct mail to send to your customers. Request a ''free'' sample of the Birdhouse and/or a free quote for this creative solution. On the product page you will find everything about this creative solution from LocoMail.Go to page direct mail Vogelhuisje