Case Direct Mailing Delivery Box DéliVery

DéliVery is an organization that provides companies with extensive catering. For example, they offer a breakfast and lunch buffet, a pantry service and a snack program. By using the services of this company, organizations themselves have to invest less time in purchasing and stocking food. To introduce more companies to DéliVery, the company has sent this B2B direct mail to companies in order to generate more awareness. The company has opted for a custom-made B2B direct mail. Together with the employees of LocoMail, we looked at all possibilities to create an ideal and unique B2B direct mailing. Following the discussion of the direct mail ideas, this resulted in an effective Delivery Box.B2B direct mailer box for Delivery

The graphic elements of the box of the B2B direct mail arouse the curiosity of the recipients. The outside reveals very little, except for the mentioned texts 'special delivery' and 'handle with care'. The business 2 business direct mail box can be fully unfolded by folding out the four flaps. Here, too, additional attention grabbers have been added to ensure that the recipient has his full attention to the message of the B2B direct mailing. When the B2B direct mailer is fully unfolded, you will find 2 insert cards and a wooden cutlery set. Thanks to the right printing techniques, the images on these cards come out beautifully. The first card found, entitled 'You're invited', introduces the company DéliVery and contains information about what they offer. The second card of the B2B direct mailer, entitled 'How it works', explains exactly what customers can expect from the organization's various services.

b2b direct mail product delivery box

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