Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Van Egmond Groep

A special moment: your company is going to merge with another company and it is therefore important that all customers and business relations are made aware of this! Attention to fusion is your goal. Of course it is possible to do this digitally, but it is known that this has a lot less impact and read rate than a physical mailing.

Is your situation similar? Then we would like to give you inspiration for a special mailing. Of course, the graphic designers are happy to think along with you for the interpretation of this infinite turntable if you would like to purchase it for your own use. The example below is purely to illustrate the possibilities.

As shown on the map of Van Egmond Groep is a visual representation of the merger. The wire passes from two ends into a stronger base: a sturdy wire that consists of one piece. On the different sides of this TC, the readers will receive an explanation of what the merger of these companies means for them. Clear, visually strong and luxuriously finished. Those are the keywords that best describe this mailing. Van Egmond Groep is assured of attention for the merger of the company, which is exactly what is intended. LocoMail is proud to have produced this mailing.

Each Turning Card is a unique mailing, which can be fully personalized. Layout, shape, edition, everything is possible. Should you have become interested in this form of attention for your company? Then take a look at our collection page of infinite spin cards. Or, if you have no idea what kind of card you would like for your purpose, take a look at the general page on which all direct mail products listed.