Successful cooperation between LocoMail and Arkel1000 Foundation

In 2023, the charming village of Arkel celebrated its impressive 1040th anniversary. To celebrate this special anniversary in a big way, it decided Arkel1000 Foundation to organise a nine-day week of festivities. With an imposing marquee as the focal point, numerous activities for young and old were organised during this period. For the foundation, it was important to announce the anniversary celebration in a spectacular way and involve the entire village in the festivities.

They approached LocoMail with a request to create a unique announcement that would add to the revelry and arouse curiosity. After consultation, Team Arkel1000 chose a customised Pop-up Card as the ideal means of announcing the week of celebrations. This single-layer map offered the possibility of placing several layers in front of each other, creating an impressive depth effect. The creative interpretation of the map showed the village square with party-goers facing the stage.

What made this card unique was that all elements were fully customisable to Team Arkel1000's wishes. This allowed them to personalise the card and tailor it to the specific details of the anniversary party. A clever addition was the QR code on the card, which offered an interactive element that allowed people to sign up directly for the opening of the party via their smartphones.

Thanks to LocoMail's eye-catching announcement card, enthusiasm around the anniversary celebration grew significantly. The unique design and personalisation options made the card not only an announcement but also a collector's item for Arkel residents.

The QR code proved to be a hit, with many people able to register for the opening night quickly and easily. The marquee in the centre of the village filled up with enthusiastic revellers, resulting in a more than successful week of celebrations to mark Arkel's 1040th anniversary.

The collaboration between LocoMail and Team Arkel1000 proved the power of creativity and personalisation in business mailings. For both LocoMail and the Arkel1000 Foundation, this collaboration was successful, making Arkel's anniversary celebration shine like never before!