Case Direct Mailing MoveCard Announcement PSV

Especially for the announcement of a PSV network app, LocoMail commissioned us to make the card that will be used! The card was based on the MoveCard, a product that is very popular with our customers. Read more below about this special announcement that is special because it has been deeply personalized.

MoveCard PSV

PSV Business App with personalized introduction

The MoveCard can be opened by unclipping the cover attached to the back of the card. After opening the card, the pull tab could be pulled and the pages of this card were turned one by one. Each page, which is printed in full colour, contains information about the PSV football club's business network app. Made from 260 grams paper, this Movecard has a luxurious look.

Deeply personalized card

The card is personalized in almost every area of the card. This is a very precise process that has been given a lot of attention during production. This will make the mailing even more impactful. A personalized card is able to hold the attention and enthusiasm of the reader.

Are you also interested in the MoveCard with personalized pages? Or are you even interested in a personalized card? Then take a moment Contact contact us so that we can inform you about the possibilities.