Case Direct Mailing Music Card Albert Heijn

Last March, Albert Heijn celebrated its 10th anniversary in Belgium. In 2011 Albert Heijn opened the first branch in Belgium on the Brasschaat and Belgium now has sixty branches. To celebrate, the company sent our A5 music cards to their suppliers. Are you curious about these cards and do you want to know what the possibilities are? You can read it in this blog.

Example Front Music Card Albert Heijn Belgium

Our Music card with sound is a special direct mailing. Not only the eyes, but also the ears are addressed. By appealing to an extra sense, you completely hold the attention of the recipient. Albert Heijn chose our A5 music cards. The outside of the card contains the blue house style color of Albert Heijn. This color is recognizable for everyone. This is combined with the Albert Heijn font and logo.

The front of the card reads: 'Hooray Albert Heijn Belgium is 10 years old!'. Festive balloons with confetti are depicted on the outside and inside. When the card is opened, the cheerful 'Happy Birthday' sounds. The inside of the music card reads: 'That's not only our party, but also your party. We wouldn't be writing a success story without great suppliers. You are one of them, so that's why: thank you and congratulations!'.

Example Back and Inside Music Card Albert Heijn Belgium

Sound fragment options

The most important part of the music cards is of course the sound. There are various options here. You can choose an existing sound or your own recording. The own recording makes it very personal. Do you want to combine an existing sound with your own recording? That is also possible! For example, combine a music fragment with a message. If you want an existing sound fragment, you can choose from a large database of sounds.

In the back of the cards with sound, there are six speaker holes through which the sound comes out. The cards with sound can be used for all kinds of occasions. Think of a symposium or a company party. In addition to A5 format, the music card is also available in a square format of 147×147 mm. In addition to the regular sound card, we also have the Pop-up music card and the Triptych music card.

Have you become interested in our music cards? Take it easy Contact contact us to discuss the possibilities, or request one without obligation quotation On. Would you like to find out more about the various direct mailing products? Then order one without obligation sample box.