Case Direct Mailing Wobble Card Van Dobben

Wobble jump hockey tournament

This year the first edition of the Van Dobben Horeca Hockey Tournament will take place on the Pinoké fields in Amstelveen. To boost registrations for the tournament, the organization has opted for a striking action Wobble Card. This case is a good example of how offline direct mail perfectly complements an online promotion, such as registering for a hockey tournament. The perfect combination of offline and online media ensures a successful outcome.

Wobble springs hockey ball

When opening the mailing, the pop-up immediately catches the eye. On the wobble springs, the pop-up portion of the Wobble card, a hockey ball with the Van Dobben logo has been placed. The menu is completely dedicated to hockey and bitterballen. The mailing also winks; 'hockeying with bitterballen' not only symbolizes the tournament, but can also be found literally in a visual representation on the map. Also the slogan 'it goes gold with Van Dobben' gets a double load when it comes to a tournament where various prize packages are made available.


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