Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Card

Energy supplier NLE has introduced an app, NLE – insight, with which the whole of the Netherlands can easily map its energy consumption. The app shows at a glance what the consumption is at that moment and is free to use for everyone. To promote the app, NLE and DM have set up a campaign for which the direct mail from this case has been developed.

Pop-up A6 card DM campaign NLE

To bring the NLE insight app to the attention of the general public, the energy supplier has chosen to use a Pop-up card. The Pop-up Card is available in different variants, but NLE has opted for A6 format with the pop-up shape of a hand with a mobile. This 2D pop-up part naturally fits perfectly with the message of the mailing and the purpose of the campaign.

Both the inside and outside of the card are printed in full color in the house style and design supplied by NLE. The unique effect of the direct mail can be found on the inside of the card. Once the Pop-up Card is opened, a 2D pop-up shape of a mobile phone emerges. The side behind the mobile perfectly supports the image visible on the mobile. The other side on the inside of the card offers enough space for a text that can support the pop-up form.

Set up your own DM campaign

Do you have an online resource that you also want to bring to the attention offline? Or was a DM campaign already planned for this year? Then unpack with a surprising and original direct mail with a unique surprise effect! The A6 Pop-up Card is available with 3 standard shapes, but it is also possible to have your own pop-up shape developed. This way you can support the message of your direct mail campaign even more.

Of course, in addition to the Pop-up Card, there are also many other mailing products that may perfectly match your event, message or campaign. View all our unique mailing products and request a sample package and/or quote without obligation!