Case Direct Mailing Year-end mailing ChangeCard Lamellenkaart Weijman

Commissioned by Zeker Visible, LocoMail has produced the year-end mailing for Weijman real estate maintenance. A striking one has been chosen self-mailer to thank their customers. Weijman is a progressive people company in which the word together is central. Living together, sharing together and creating together are the starting points of the company. Creating together is also an important starting point for LocoMail. LocoMail also values creation by developing new concepts for self-mailers time and time again.

Striking self-mailer

The ChangeCard is a new striking mailing with a unique surprise effect. If you pull on the side, the slats are slowly slid open and a new image is created. The ChangeCard can be used for numerous marketing and communication purposes such as the introduction of a new logo, new product and much more. The ChangeCard is a lightweight compared to all other mailing products that Locomail offers. By choosing this self-mailer you can save a lot of money on the postage costs.

Self-mailer options

Do you have something big to announce soon and does this self-mailer fit your concept? Request a free sample of this self-mailer now and experience this eye-catching direct mail yourself. Curious about the possibilities? Then please contact one of our employees. Perhaps we can create a successful direct mail for your company again this time.

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