Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Folding Card Flavor

If you are looking for an original direct mail product, our folding card (also known as Turning Card) is a good option. Touch Promotions converted him into informing companies about Smaak Voordeel. In this blog you can read which choices they have made and what the possibilities are of this product.

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Why the Turning Card is a special product because it consists of no less than four pages. A new message emerges with every fold. Touch Promotions first opted for the format 150×150 mm. We have various formats, from a business card format to a brochure format. As far as the shape is concerned, you can go in all sorts of directions. Round, heart-shaped, oval… the possibilities are endless. We can even make the Turning Card in the shape of your logo. This way you really have a unique direct mail product.


Touch Promotions opted for a combination of photos, texts and icons. When opening the envelope, the recipient first saw a beautiful photo. After flipping the card, a gold background appeared with an explanation and a gift code. The same background was continued on the third page and some explanation was added. On the back, the company closed with contact information. The sturdy envelope with adhesive edge completed the card completely.


You can use the folding card for various purposes, for example as a brochure, New Year's card or invitation to a staff party. Furthermore, the card is not laminated, making it a lot more durable. Finally, the card can be printed in full color in the house style of your brand or company.

Have you become interested in the Turning Card and would you like to receive additional information? Please rest assured Contact with us. You can also request one without obligation quotation requests, where you can indicate your wishes. Would you like to find out more about our products? Then ask one Sample Box On. You decide which samples are included.