Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Douwe Egberts

The unique Turning Card is possible in every conceivable form, such as this Klapkaart for Douwe Egberts. A folding card is a mailing where maximum space is created for communicative purposes on a small surface. This mailing can be designed in different ways.

folding card-douwe-egberts

For Douwe Egberts the Turning Card is designed in the logo. With every fold, new information becomes visible on this card. Designing the Turning Card in the logo of your brand is a unique way of branding your brand. You leave a surprising impression by means of an eye-catching mailing. Use the Klapkaart, for example, as an invitation to an event or to explain information about your brand and/or company.

LocoMail has optimized the Turning Card, making it available in various shapes and sizes. The interpretation of this is up to you. The card is also not laminated, making it a lot more durable. The Klapkaart can also be printed in full color in the house style of the brand or company. Although the card may seem simple at first glance, it is not. The map can be folded no less than 4 times, with new information appearing each time. Every fold is different, you never make exactly the same movement to reveal a new side.

folding card

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