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A personal approach to customers and prospects is very important in every industry. Direct mail is an excellent way to reach a large group of recipients with the same message quickly and in a controlled manner. This allows you to personalize it and also makes your customers feel valued.

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What is direct mailing?

The purpose of mailing (or direct mail) is generally to get a response to, for example, an order or an appointment. Mailing has 2 forms that are characterized by the shipping method. A mailing example is sending by post and email.

Direct mail is the oldest and the most popular. An e-mail is generally regarded as unsolicited e-mail (spam) and in most cases disappears unopened in the virtual trash can.

Why choose direct mailing?

The computer, the internet and the smartphone: these three inventions have completely reshaped our private and professional lives in recent decades. As a result, we now communicate with each other in very different ways. In most companies today, most communication with customers takes place digitally: via the company website, social media, but especially via email.Jump cube announcement The result: we all get too many emails.

We also note that e-mail is becoming less and less effective as a means of communication. As long as you get an average of one email a day, you're keeping a close eye on it, but as the number grows – five, ten, fifty emails a day – you get picky. This “inbox overload” reduces the chances of consumers actually opening your messages, let alone reading them and clicking through to your website.

As a company, you can respond to this in various ways. Some choose to send fewer emails and only share the most important information via email. Others personalize their newsletters so that the content is truly tailored to each recipient. Good strategies, but there is of course another effective alternative: direct mail.

Nice mailing examples can be found online at the specialist

With direct mail you surprise your (potential) customers in a unique way. Every direct mail you order via LocoMail contains a surprise effect, has a striking shape or feature that makes you stand out. In a world where people are overloaded with advertising and information by bus or e-mail, it is interesting to give this a different twist. A direct mailing that makes people happy and does not automatically throw it in the trash. For example, for a Pop up Cube pen holder you give your (potential) customer a present and your information or message is always within reach.

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