Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Hexagon Pen Holder

LocoMail offers all its potential and existing customers the opportunity to request samples of original mailing products. This way you and/or your customer get a feel for the product and the surprise effect of the card can be experienced up close. If you want to see the product with your own design, we also offer you the possibility to request a real proof. By choosing a real proof, you get more experience with your original invitation and you can check the mailing product one last time before it is finally put into production. You play it safe for this, and make sure you don't run into unwanted things.


Digital proof vs. Real proof

The photo above shows both the digital proof and the real proof. The digital proof shows how the images and texts appear on the chosen direct mailing product. As shown in the photo is the digital proof of the Hexagon Out of the Box, only a piece of the product can be seen at a time. The digital proof requires quite a bit of empathy. It is clear to see whether the images and text come across well, but the effect of the product is not really conveyed. A real proof, on the other hand, is the best of both worlds; the images and text are clearly visible on the product, but now you can also experience the effect of the direct mailing.

Why request a real proof?

Surprise effect
Experience the surprise effect of direct mail with your own design. This will give you more experience with the type of invitation you are going to send.

Color scheme
Find out if the colors match the color you supplied. In this way you will also find out whether the colors match the house style. If this is not the case, we can adjust the color scheme so that it is completely to your liking.

When you receive a real proof, you have another chance to check the spelling. Of course you have already done this at an earlier stage, but an extra time never hurts. TIP: Have the text checked by colleagues, for example.

Layout surfaces
Check the format and/or distribution of information on the product. You may find that information should be in a different place or perhaps not processed at all on the card, because it offers no added value or it is not readable.

Large edition
With a large print run of products, we recommend ordering a real proof at all times. This way you can be sure that nothing can go wrong in the preliminary phase.