4 tips for a fun mailing

4 tips for a fun mailing

Stand out, stand out and stand out… The continuous challenge of every company. The answer to the question: "How do I stand out with my company?" is: Use a fun mailing. Fortunately, Locomail is the right place for fun mailing. Read our tips below!

The message of your playful mailing

Everything starts and stands with the message you want to convey with your fun mailing. The use of humor in the message ensures that it is remembered longer and that more attention is paid to the direct mailing as soon as it reaches the recipient.

In addition, the message is also the basis for the style of the mailing. It makes it a guideline. Build the style of the packaging around the message.

The package

Make sure that the packaging resonates well with the message, as this creates unity and increases the impact of the message. In addition, the packaging is the recipient's first impression. The first impression determines whether the recipient gets excited or not. Personalize the mailing, clearly show the house style with the logo on the mailing and close with a call-to-action. This will give you full attention.

The psychology of playful mailing

A psychological tip of the veil: The human brain makes choices consisting of 2 aspects, namely the unconscious aspect and the conscious aspect. For 90%, a person makes choices with the unconscious part of their brain. They don't think about it and let themselves be guided. For 10%, people make conscious choices. We personally find this information very interesting.

Therefore, make sure that your fun mailing is not too difficult. Don't make people think too much.

The first attention trigger is the most effective. As soon as a person has to put in too much effort for something, that feeling quickly turns into irritation.

Choose the right playful mailing

Choose the right playful mailing, such as ours Pop-up Cube or unique music card . Whatever you choose: it will keep the recipient thinking about your company. Like our pop-up cube that actually pops out of the packaging, creates a very nice surprise effect.

But with our music card you can have a nice, neat or graceful audio file played when you open the playful mailing, such as a catchy piece of music or a recorded message. As you can read, our unique products make a major contribution to the success of your fun mailing.


We get excited about unique creative concepts. Every situation is different and takes time. Do you have a great idea, but are you unsure whether it can be realized? Then take Contact with our specialists. They will be happy to talk to you and help you during the realization process.