4 original giveaways for your relations 

Do you want to put your relations or employees in the spotlight in an original and fun way? Thanking staff members for their efforts is something you should not overlook as an employee. The possibilities are endless and in this article we would like to tell you more about 4 original giveaways for your relations. 


A canned message with a view to the future? Then BliQje is one of the super original giveaways that you can give to your staff. A chic and effective tool with which you can surprise your staff in an original way. BliQje can be filled with a personal message, gift card or small present.  

Available in various variants and of course suitable for different purposes. Is your curiosity piqued regarding BliQje? We understand that! So request a quote or a sample now. 

Letterbox box+ 

Send your staff a letterbox box+! If you're looking for original giveaways, this is one to get through. You can combine this box with a voucher, a fun invitation or a personal present to create a surprising giveaway for your staff. Naturally available in various designs and can be arranged entirely according to your own wishes to make it personal for your staff. Original giveaways come into their own best with a personal message. Go for a Direct Mail+ letterbox box in combination with a mini Pop-up cube. This is how you convey a motivating and popping message to your staff. 

Music card  

Suppose you have an idea for a gift package for your staff. You probably also know that not everyone has the same tastes and interests. A gift card is therefore always a good idea! If you really want to surprise your staff or send a personal message, a music card in combination with a voucher is fantastic.  

Give a music card with sound that you yourself have spoken to your relations. The music card with sound gives a personal touch to your original giveaways for your staff. Of course you can design the map yourself or if you need help with this, our professionals are of course at your service! 

Book voucher direct mail 

A good book does everyone good. A good book is different for everyone. That's why this gift should not be missing in the original giveaways. This custom made jumping cube direct mail is a Pop-up cube in combination with a book voucher which is used in a very special way. These special original giveaways consist of a cube that snaps into shape when the book voucher is opened.  

When one pulls the tab on the direct mail, a new card appears. This naturally provides you with a personal note. When the card is extended, the cube pops up. Of course, these original giveaways can be completely personalized for you.  

Which of the 4 original giveaways are you going for? 

Were you able to make a choice from our 4 original giveaways or did you see something else fantastic in our range? Then request a quote from us. Do you have questions or need help? Then don't hesitate to contact us. 


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