4 original direct mail examples

4 original direct mail examples

A direct mail is something you see more and more lately, it is a form of advertising your company in a creative way. By using original direct mail, you ensure that the mailing with your company name and the message you want to tell will stick with the recipient for longer. If you've created your business on someone's mind, you're more likely to get leads that can lead to new customers. Don't you want this too?

At Locomail we have various direct mailings that you can use to increase your reach. Which original direct mail is appropriate for your company depends, among other things, on the size of the message you want to convey. We are happy to give you 4 original direct mail examples for some inspiration, who knows, this will make it easier for you to choose between all our great options.

Example 1: Original direct mail with sound

One of our much-chosen original direct mail during the holiday season is ours music card with own design and sound. You have the option to record a Christmas greeting or other message of 34 (6kHz) or 17 (12kHz) seconds. Surprise the recipient with a personal sound recording, they will certainly be pleasantly surprised.

How it works? Provide us with the sound, music fragment or recorded message and our team of specialists will turn it into one sound fragment. When the recipient receives the original direct mail, your message will be activated after opening the card. This is a nice way to thank business relations for the great cooperation last year. Interested in a music card? Choose from the models below:

  • Music Card with Sound A5'
  • Music card 147x147mm
  • Pop Up Music Card with Sound
  • Triptych Music card

Music cards

Example 2: Direct mail specials

In addition to our original direct mail, which are all a nice surprise to give, we also have special direct mail products in our range. Like the Puzzle Direct Mail which comes in puzzle pieces. The receiver can unravel the message by completing the puzzle. Puzzling has a relaxing effect and you let them actively participate in the original direct mail. Did you know that this variant and the other specials can be fully personalized, from 50 pieces? This way you can put more than just your company name and logo on it, you also have the space to put more information about your company or about the new product.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the message you want to convey is strong and short. When you do this, you hold the customer's attention. If interested or if the recipient wants more information, they will contact you and that is what you want to achieve with original direct mail. Other examples of our specials:

  • Popcorn Bake Mailing
  • Mini T Shirt Mailing
  • Message in a Bottle
  • Printed Parking disc

Example 3: Pop up cards with unique effect

The word says it all: a part of the map “pops up when the map is opened”. By for an original direct mail such as a Pop-up card your message literally comes to the fore. You can decide for yourself in what form you want the pop-up area, just like the size of the card. In greeting card format, such as A6, but also nice and large and striking, such as the A5 and A4 variant. If you have something to celebrate as a company or if you want to congratulate a business relation or employee on his birthday, you can opt for a festive balloon that slides up. This is immediately a festive opening of the card. The cards below also have the pop-up surprise effect:

  • Wobble card
  • Mega Pop-up Card
  • Pop up cards with multiple layers
  • Pop up Card A5 with sound fragment
  • Pop-up Card in one part
  • Pop-up Card A6
  • Pop up sliding card

Example 4: Letterbox box Direct Mail

It is one of our latest original direct mail mailbox box. This is an ideal direct mail if you want to send a small gift. Strengthen the brand experience by choosing a product that matches your company. You determine the content of the box yourself, we have the letterbox box available in different sizes, so that you can put the attention large or small in it. In addition to a present, you can put a good slogan or original message on the inside, which will attract the attention of the recipient.

No envelope is needed for this original direct mail, because the letterbox box is completely sealed. As a result, the box cannot be opened during shipping and will not be damaged. A selection from our range of letterbox boxes:

  • Mailbox box + Mini Pop up Cube
  • Mailbox+ with flap
  • Mailbox+ with flap and magnet
  • Mailbox+ with sound


Popup cube

Order original direct mail easily and quickly at Locomail.nl

Hopefully, reading these original direct mail examples has given you a better understanding of our products. Would you like to receive a number of direct mailings before you order to experience the surprise effect? Then take Contact contact us, we'll be happy to send you some. Do you have questions or would you like a quote? Even then we are there for you.