Direct mail examples

3 good direct mailing examples

We would like to give you 3 good examples of direct mailing. But before we can tell you more about this, it is nice to first know what direct mailing actually is. When we talk about direct mailing, this means a form of direct marketing. You want to stand out and deliver something original that catches the customer's attention. You can use direct mailing to establish direct and personal contact with your potential customers or to encourage customers to take action. You want to elicit a response.

Go for unique and tangible mailing

original birthday card Gritt

There are several forms of direct mailing. To find out which form is right for you, we advise you to look at your target group, objectives and the message you want to convey.

Of course you can choose to handle the direct mailing via email, but the risk is that people may experience it as unpleasant. It has been proven that you reach the target group better when you choose a card or letter that is tangible. But to stand out in this, you need something original. And let that be the specialty of LocoMail. You have come to the right place for unique direct mailings

Below we would like to give you 3 good direct mailing examples

Pop-up Cube

Our most popular direct mailing has to be the Pop-up Cube, it literally makes your message stand out. When the recipient opens the envelope, the cube (10x10x10cm) pops out. People will be triggered by the high surprise effect and will quickly start looking at the information on the cube.

You can print the Pop up Cube on 6 sides according to your own design. This gives you enough space to put the most important information, core values of your company and a Call to Action for a (potential) customer. Make sure the message is clear and catchy.


Another good example of direct mailing that you can use if you have launched a new product or have a name change to report is the ChangeCard. It is a new product from LocoMail and, like the other direct mailings, has a surprise effect. At first glance it looks like a normal card, but as soon as you pull the tab, a new image is shown by means of the slat effect.

This example of direct mailing is available in several variants and sizes, such as with a cover or flap. The front and back can both be printed in full color design. Whichever design you decide to go for, with this card you send something original and the message will certainly reach the recipient.

Turning Card

Locomail Case Sound Card LesMills

Are you looking for an example of direct mailing where you can put a lot of information? Then perhaps the Turning Card the right option for you. With this form of direct mailing you can put a lot of information on the card because of the different sides. The Turning Card, also known as the endless folding card, is a new way of direct mailing. With this unique example of direct mailing you ensure interaction and continue to attract the attention of the recipient. Constantly surprise them with new information when the card is unfolded.

You can use it for various purposes such as a brochure, invitation to an event or as a business card.

How do you make good direct mail?

After you have chosen the direct mailing that meets your wishes and needs, the next step is the design. Here you determine which information, images and colors should be displayed. To achieve a good direct mailing it is important to:

  • Deliver a clear and concise message
  • Keep it uncluttered (keep one style)
  • Ensure a strong Call to Action

If you do not have the means to develop your own design, it is possible at LocoMail to have a design drawn up by our team of graphic designers.