Case Direct Mailing Diptych Sliding Card Stolze

At LocoMail we like to think along with you for a unique direct mail product. A good example of a case in which there was a balanced collaboration between the customer and LocoMail is the Diptych Sliding Card Direct Mailing below.

Diptych Slider card mailing     

In honor of a special theme evening, a high-quality invitation was required. The customer indicated that the intention was to create a kind of presentation theme. A cinema-like effect was also discussed as one of the wishes. Several concepts were realized, after which these ideas eventually resulted in a high-quality finished Diptych Sliding Card Mailing. The cinema-themed card is produced with 350 grams of high-quality sulphate cardboard. A sturdy material, which was finished with dispersion lacquer: a protective layer against scratches. To create a luxurious effect, the matt version of the lacquer has been chosen for this case.

When both ends of the 2 Hatch Sliding Card are pulled, it opens like the red curtain at a theater. A playful effect is the result. The invitation for the theme evening was shown on the middle area that became visible after opening the card. The back of the card gave space for the company's logo. To get an idea of the dimensions of the card in question:

  • Retracted: 160×340mm
  • Extended: 160×550mm
  • Size of the center after opening the card: 133×210 mm
Sample Two-Way Sliding card mailing for a festive theme night


For the shipment of this sliding card, the customer has chosen to pack the card in a package and distribute it. Of course it is also possible to send the card via letterbox post. In that case, the card will be sealed in PE foil to retain its shape. If LocoMail takes care of the mailing, an address carrier will be placed between the card and the foil. For a luxurious finish, it is also possible to print the address on the card itself. If you want to use an envelope for this card, this is certainly a possibility in consultation.

More information?

Are you also looking for a Direct Mail product with this unique sliding effect? Then look at our Sliding card with Diptych page for more information, a sample package and/or a quote request. Do you have questions about this product or one of our other services? Please contact us at or +31 (0)30 26 18 086. We are happy to help! For more inspiration, check out our other Direct Mail examples