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Although the weather has shown something different this past week, it is still summer. When you look outside, it is more reminiscent of autumn and we are once again confronted with the fact that it is never long summer in the Netherlands. Before you know it, the holiday period will be over and the end of 2015 will be in sight. In the field of direct mail, this means that it is time again for the end-of-year mailings!

An end-of-year mailing closes the year well. Send customers, relations or employees an original direct mail with a word of thanks for the past year, or a New Year's wish. Make sure your end-of-year mailing stands out, so don't send an email that disappears among 100 equal others. An end-of-year mailing via direct mail stands out and not only strengthens the relationship with customers and business associates, it can also ensure that your company makes a final sprint in terms of turnover. Because end-of-year mailings can do more than wish the recipient happy holidays. Spread with one eye-catching direct mail for example, an end-of-year offer or asking whether (former) customers can recommend the company to friends.

Direct mail and year-end mailing

All direct mail products can be transformed into successful year-end mailings. Make the end-of-year mailing functional for the recipient by adding a calendar from 2016. The positive and personal message combined with a functional aspect: success guaranteed. For an end-of-year mailing, don't forget that personalization is essential. “Best wishes” or “Thank you for the successful year” make less or no impression if the direct mail is not personalized.

You may be thinking that the end of the year is still a while away, but make sure you start drawing up a concept and design for your end-of-year mailing on time. Don't rush one of the most important moments of the year with an email, but send an eye-catching direct mail. End the year well, or get off to a flying start: a good year-end mailing can make all the difference.


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