Not every company yet understands the importance of its own YouTube channel. While with 1 billion visitors per month, it is the most visited website on the internet after Google. More than 65,000 videos are posted on YouTube every day. So it's time to create your own YouTube channel!

YouTube is more than just cat videos and drunk Russians, every self-respecting company has videos of its products on YouTube. For example, videos, where a complicated product is visually shown, such as the original Locomix cards.

Video is visually appealing

A picture is flat and does not show a product in its entirety. With a video you can illuminate all sides of your subject. This makes it a lot clearer for the viewer, what the dimensions, colors and capabilities of your product are. A video makes a product visually attractive.

Free advertising by YouTube

Not every company has money for an expensive advertising campaign. But as a small company, you can make a nice video and post it on YouTube for free. This allows you to reach potential customers for free and gain brand awareness. Many large companies, with large marketing budgets, have special YouTube commercials that never appear on TV. Short and funny are the key words here.

Link building by YouTube

According to YouTube itself, companies get an average increase of 20% traffic to their website after opening a YouTube channel.

By placing links to your own website with every video, you will be found better on Google. Google owns YouTube, and indexes this page better than any other page. By linking YouTube to your own homepage, Google sees your page as more valuable than a company without a YouTube account.

Under and in the videos you can place keywords that you as a company would like to be found for. It is also possible to place multiple links to your own website.

Video on YouTube is easy to share

The videos from YouTube are easy to place on your own site, without having to clear a lot of data. In addition, the videos can easily be shared via social media. Visitors can share your video via ten other platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Nujij.