Direct mailing by post is sending a message to a specific address. So no unaddressed advertising material, but a specific invitation for customers, relations or employees of a company. Direct mail by mail is the oldest of the three and the most highly regarded.

Direct mailing is also referred to as direct marketing, direct mail marketing, marketing mail, postal advertising, personally targeted advertising or direct mailing.

Effective marketing

Original Direct Mail works more effectively than an advertising brochure or a flyer, because the message is packaged in a separate product. Examples are messages in a bottle, specially folded cards or iron cans.

The advantage of original direct mailing is that the attention value is increased. The recipient not only receives a message, but also an original packaging. As a result, they will spend longer with the product and better absorb the company name and message. Marketing mailing is only unique if you manage to surprise the recipient completely with both the content and the packaging. Then your direct mailing will really have the desired effect.

A few more advantages are the possibility of building a long-term, structural, sustainable relationship, the personal character, the predictability of costs and results and low dependence on media because direct marketing is usually developed in-house.