Locomail Case Sound Card LesMills

LesMills, an organization that develops fitness programs, has been commissioned to make an invitation for the indoor fitness festival: Mega Quarterly. This is an annual fitness event, where fans and instructors can exercise and party. It was decided to cast this invitation in the form of a sound card, for the ultimate experience. That is exactly what the event stands for. In this blog you can read everything about this case and our sound cards.

A preview

LesMills has sent a total of 750 A5 sound cards with a pop-up element. The pop-up element and the sound, which starts immediately when the card is opened, immediately draws the recipient's attention. The sound fragment, consisting of music and speech, ensures that the recipient already gets a foretaste of the festival. Experience it yourself? Watch the video below to see how the card works.

With epic music in the background and a compelling voice that makes you curious what there is to experience on that day. The envelope is printed in the same theme and therefore immediately attractive to open for the person who received it.

Sound card options

It is possible to deliver a sound, with or without a recorded message. We will mix this sound fragment into one sound fragment. In addition to speech, it is an option to use music. In this way, an atmosphere is immediately created, even before the recipient has read the card. The sound fragment can also be linked to the subject of your direct mailing in an original way, such as the music card from Oticon.

Locomail Case Sound Card LesMills

Interested? look at all the different types of sound card. If you have any questions or comments, you can always contact us at contact@locobrands.nl or 030 – 26 18 086. We are happy to help you develop an effective direct mailing!